Hey Australia!

Primo Grills are excited to relaunch on our shores, bringing America's favourite kamado to your backyard.

An oval smokes a round every time.

The Patented Oval delivers the highest level of cooking versatility and performance. It creates two distinct cooking zones, so that you can cook directly over the charcoal on one half of the grill and cook indirectly with the use of a deflector. This two-zone cooking method gives you far more control over the doneness of your food. 

If you’ve ever tried to grill a steak and vegetables at the same time it’s likely that the steak came out fine, but the vegetables came out too charred. Or you had to roast the vegetables first, then keep them warm while you grill the steaks. We ran into the same problem. Now you know why we developed the Primo Oval.

An added benefit of the Primo Oval Design is that it holds more food than round grills. Most food is not round and you can cook out to the edge of the Primo Oval without losing valuable cooking space.

Proudly Made in America

Primo Grills have been manufacturing kamado grills since 1996. Their unique and patented oval shaped design makes them the choice of grill for culinary professionals and home cooks across the globe.

Primo Grills are a part of Empire Comfort Systems, a 4th generation family owned business that was established in 1932. Empire Comfort Systems is a leading manufacturer of gas and wood heating appliances, as well as gas grills, with Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills previously being acquired by Empire Comfort Systems. Empire is dedicated to building on Primo's quality name.

Today, Primo Ceramic Grills are manufactured in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and headquarter in Belleville, Illinois. You can find Primo Ceramic Grills in more than 24 countries around the world including, all of North America.

Primo Grills are proudly distributed by Que Wholesale in Australia.